Circular No. 1

Silesian University of Technology
at Gliwice
Institute of Water and Wastewater Engineering


Membrane Division
Polish Chemical Society

invite to participate in

6-th Scientific Conference


which is to be held
8-10 June 2006
in WISŁA (Poland)


Scientific Committee:

Prof. dr hab. inż. Michał Bodzek

Prof. Jolanta Bohdziewicz
Prof. Marek Bryjak
Prof. Roman Gawroński
Prof. Władysław Kamiński
Prof. Andrzej Kołtuniewicz
Prof. Krystyna Konieczny
Prof. Andrzej Noworyta
Prof. Wojciech Piątkiewicz
Prof. Waldemar Sawiniak
Prof. Marek Sozański
Prof. Maria Tomaszewska
Prof. Tomasz Winnicki
Prof. Romuald Wódzki
Organising Committee:

Prof. Krystyna Konieczny


Dr. inż. Irena Korus

Prof. Jolanta Bohdziewicz
Dr. Andrzej M. Grossman
Dr. Jacek Pelczar
MSC Mariola Rajca

The range of applications of the membrane techniques to environmental protection is becoming larger. Thus, a review and co-ordination of the researches in this field seem to be advisable and reasonable. It is also desirable to bring together research scientists and engineers from industry who introduce the membrane technology into industry practice.

The aim of the conference is to give an overview of the most recent development of membrane technology and its application to environmental protection and other engineering fields.
The paper will be presented as:
-     an oral presentation,
-     a poster display.
The conference discussion will cover the following:
-     water and wastewater desalination using membrane techniques,
-     membrane application to water and wastewater treatment,
-     membrane gas separation, pervaporation and membrane distillation,
-     membrane reactors,
-     modelling of membrane transport and separation, and other engineering problems,
-     preparation and characterisation of membranes and their application to environmental protection,
-     application of membranes to biotechnology,
-     membranes in environmental monitoring.
Persons interested in conference participation should:
-     fill in the reply form by 31 October 2005,
-     submit an full text of oral or poster presentation in English (not exceeding 8 A4 pages with a diskette) by 31 December 2005 at the latest.
The second circular, dealing with the participation requirements and the location of Conference will be sent by September 2005.

Estimated conference cost (proceeding, hotel accommodation, meals) - approx. 330 Euro.

Duration of the Conference - 3 days.

Address for correspondence:

Krystyna Konieczny
Silesian University of Technology
Institute of Water and Wastewater Engineering
Konarskiego 18
44-100 Gliwice, POLAND

fax: +48 32 237-23-68   or   +48 32 237-10-47


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