Circular No 2

Silesian University of Technology
Institute of Water and Wastewater Engineering
44-100 Gliwice, Konarskiego 18,

phone: +48 (32) 237-20-20
fax: +48 (32) 237-23-68; 237-10-47

6th Scientific Conference

Membranes and Membrane Processes in Environmental Protection


The authors of  accepted papers (see list) has been invite to send the full body of the work to the address given above, up to 20 January 2006 (poster max. 6 pages, oral presentation max. 8 pages), elaborated in congruence with the attached guidelines for the authors.

Having been accepted, the works will be published in a special issue of “Materials of the Environmental Engineering Committee of Polish Academy of Science” which will be handed to the participants on the day the conference begins. The deadline for sending the papers is 20 January 2006. The works sent after that deadline will not be accepted for publication.


We kindly inform that the time provisioned for the presentation, including the discussion, is 15 minutes, and the participants presenting the paper will have access to the available audio-visual facilities, such as multimedia projector, overhead projector of slides and written text.

The poster session will be held on 9.06.2006 in the afternoon. The tables for the presentation of posters will have the dimension 90×220cm, and the material to be presented will only be fixed on the tables with a sticky tape.

Conference location:

The Conference will be held in Wisła-Jawornik (Beskidy Mountains - south part of Poland) in "STOK" hotel from 8 to 10 June 2006. The Organisers ensure the full accommodation (3 nights and full board) from dinner at 7 June 2006 to lunch at 10 June 2006. The registration desk will start its work at 7 June 2006 from 3 p.m. We would be grateful if you could give notice of your arrival date and hour in advance. We are also informing that there is a possibility to prolong the stay (at own cost) until Sunday 11.06.06. The hotel has its own guarded parking place.


The conference fee is

                400 Euro (one place in double room),
      450 Euro (single room).

It should be paid by bank transfer (remittance) on account number:
Politechnika ¦l±ska, Akademicka 2 A, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
ING Bank ¦l±ski S.A./O Gliwice
60 1050 1230 1000 0002 0211 3056
with the annotation: Konferencja "Membrany i Procesy Membranowe w Ochronie ¦rodowiska".
The fee includes accommodation, full board, conference proceedings and conference dinner.

Detailed information on location and conference programme will be given in circular No 3.

Prof. Krystyna Konieczny

Chairman of the Organising Committee



1.       The paper should be delivered in the digital format, sent on a diskette or by e-mail. The digital form of the paper should be complemented with the printed version (one copy), which is treated as the original of the paper.
2.       The graphical material (pictures, graphs) should be also delivered in the digital format apart from the printed version on paper or tracing paper - independent of the pictures inserted into the text in the editor. Our requirement for the pictures is that they should be vector pictures made in the following programs: Coreldraw version 3.0-5.0. Grapher for DOS (or for Windows), or at least binary ones (TIF, PCX, BMP). The pictures which have only been scanned and require retouching are not accepted.
3.       The paper can be typed in any editor, but we recommend the following programs: WORD (version 2000 for Windows or previous ones), or, if WORD is not available,  WRITE (for Windows) WORD PERFECT (version 6.0 for Windows). We accept diskettes 3.5 and CDs.


1.       The text is to be typed with the following rules being observed: top margin 4.7cm; bottom margin 5.4cm; left 4.2cm; right 3.7cm; heading 3.9cm. The text should be aligned to the left or right margin, and typed using the font Times Roman 11pkt with a single space. The type Times Roman is the only one acceptable. Descriptions of Figures with the size 10pkt, and the same with Table headings.
2.       The main title (capital letters) and subtitles in bold type. Under the main heading, names and surnames of the authors are to placed followed by the address of the institution. This fragment is to be centered.
3.       Please, enclose a summary of 100-200 words.
4.       Paragraph indentations are to be marked using the tabulator only (the tabulator is to be used also in the case of other types of indentation). The space button used for that purpose is not allowed.
5.       The button ENTER is to be used only when we finish a given paragraph and we start a new one (all headings, or supporting information in the form of points, bullets, etc., are treated as separate paragraphs).
6.       A word is not to be divided into syllables, and single letters at the end of the line are unacceptable.
7.       The space button is to be used in the following cases:
a)      to separate the words,
b)      after a dot, comma, exclamation mark, colon, semicolon etc.,(and never before these marks).
8.       The space button must not be used within brackets if they are not used to separate particular words – a bracket is a part of the first and the last word of the text within the brackets. The same procedure is to be applied in the case of inverted commas.
9.       We follow the instruction of a given editor involving the superscript or subscript. When we place the number of a subsequent footnote in the text, it should be presented in the form of a digit without additional characters, e.g. brackets.
10.   In order to write the text within brackets we use, depending on the needs, parentheses or square brackets. We never use “/”
11.   When typing the text we ignore the ability of the program to produce so called generated texts (footnotes, reference marks, indexes, etc.) We also exclude the option used to differentiate inverted commas used in printing.
12.   Footnotes and tables are to be written as separate files. The pictures are not to be delivered in the format bigger than the required page format.
13.   The literature, numbered in square brackets, in the order it is quoted, should be placed as in the examples:

[1] Wesseling M., Werner U. and Hwang S.-T., Pervaporation of aromatic C8-isomers, J. Membrane Sci., 1991, 57, 257-270.

[2] Huang R.Y.M.: Pervaporation Membrane Separation Processes, Elsevier, Amsterdam, 1990, ISBN 0444882278.

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